Personalized, fitness and weight management solutions that 
transform lives and workplaces.

VIRTUALLY FITT uses the right combination of technology and human touch to provide a sustainable solution for obesity in the workplace.

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  • We offers a complete weight-management solution that inspire engagement and delivers results 
  • Our unique combination of smart technology and expert coaching provides a highly personalized experience that encourages behavior change
  • ​Habit360 is our exclusive habit forming course that teaches the core principles of creating healthy habits.
VIRTUALLY FITT corporate wellness programs deliver cost effective outcomes by providing a comprehensive wellness program that addresses health, fitness, fall/accident prevention, reduced absenteeism, online tracking of health data, and nutrition plans. 

Our corporate wellness program creates and sustains a healthy workplace culture. 

We are experts in long-term employee engagement.

VIRTUALLY FITT Corporate Wellness will develop a complete wellness program customized for your company’s needs. We also work with companies who already have an existing program to ensure it is meeting maximum benefits for its associates.

Key Components of our VIRTUALLY FITT Solution:

Personalized Coaching

Participants get one-on-one attention from an Expert Coach via videoconferencing and proactive feedback via our in-app 2 way messaging.


No gym? No Equipment? No Time? No problem. We make it simple to workout at home, during travel, and on the go.


Virtually FITT has delivered life-changing results for hundreds of people. Let us do it for you or your organization

How We're Different

  • Built and Supported by the Best: An evidence-based approach is built by the industry’s best & delivered by master-level experts.
  • Engagement That Inspires: From initial participation to ongoing program engagement, data-driven insights, and 1:1 personalization drives unprecedented engagement.
  • ​An Experience Like Other: Today's technologies, data insights and 1:1 personalization meet people where they are and evolve with them.

Our Passion:

We're passionate about helping employers tackle obesity and prevent obesity-related diseases and conditions. We offer 3 targeted, outcomes-based solutions: 22 Day Reboot, Secrets to Long Term Weight Loss Course,  and VIRTUALLY FITT Obesity Prevention Program. And our Healthy Living engagement platform helps build a culture of health to support your employee health improvement goals.

See How VIRTUALLY FITT Can Work For You

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