Attention: Coral Springs Residents!

Burn Fat Eating The Carbs You Love! Thats Carb Hacking!


Who Is The Carb Lovers Jumpstart For?

The Carb Lovers Jumpstart is designed for weight loss seekers that love carbs and to....

  • lose the Weight Fast (NOT JUST A LITTLE WEIGHT)
  • and want a program that is easy to follow and stick to so you can 
  • make that permanent weight loss transformation you've been looking for!

If this doesn't sound like you then this program IS NOT for you!

Small Easy Workouts
That You Can Fit In 

 So you can spend less time cooking and exercising, and more time doing the things you love

More Energy Than
You'll Know What To Do With

 Perform better at work and keep up with your busy life!! 

Eat the Foods You Love
(Including Carbs)

 Perform better at work and keep up with your busy life!! 

Perfect for Beginners

Easy to follow QUICK ATTAINABLE GOALS all laid out for you. We take all the guesswork out of it!

How Can Eating More Carbs Be The Key To Achieving The Body Of Your Dreams?

My Name is Dwayne Douglas, and I’ve always had a passion for fitness.

You may know me from my #1 rated Boot Camp in Coral Springs, where I've helped hundreds of local clients lose weight.

Or you may have seen me at local Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce speaking events, where I teach other people the valuable lessons I learned on my journey.

But before I became the King of Carbs...I had a quest to become an expert at helping people lose weight. I wanted to learn what my clients struggle with, then teach them how to reverse those pain points by using the little know weight loss secrets, which I call Carb Hacking.

I also struggled with my appearance as well. As a young man, I would get teased about having "man boobs", which prevented me from taking off my shirt publicly...then I discovered how to lose the weight and build muscle from a small transformation hack that I discovered.
I have become a better trainer and better person because I have been there.

What's Inside The Carbs Lovers Jumpstart?

An easy-to-follow program designed to teach you which foods to eat and which to avoid to get in and STAY IN a fat burning state, which is similar to ketosis...but without giving up the carbs you enjoy. I've included everything you need to start burning fat for fuel...and MORE!

Carb Lovers Jumpstart: Meal Plan ($97 Value)

  • An easy-to-follow, full carb lovers meal plan including meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and treats! Tells you exactly what to eat and when to eat it!
  • No Counting Calories. No More Worrying about Macros and How to Count Them.
  • ​This is the same Simple & Easy to Follow Meal Plan that 98% of my clients have used to lose 20, 30, 40, 60 pounds and more...
  • ​Includes a full list of all the types of foods and beverages you should eat and which you should avoid to stay in your max fat burning zone

Carb Hacking Cheat Sheet ($27 Value)

  • Comprehensive list of carb friendly foods: meats, veggies, fruits, beverages, fats, oils, dairy, and nuts!
  • Plenty of options so you can create hundreds of delicious recipes of your own!
  • No more guessing what food should I eat and what time should I stop eating them. 

SHRED|22 HOMEBODY Challenge Workouts ($297 Value)

  • Instant Access to the Virtual Fitness Program 
  • ​22 Days of Short at Home 
  • ​All workouts are less than 24 minutes and can be done at home or traveling for work. Best of all....No equipment needed. Get your body in fat burning mode FAST, so you can get on with your day.
  • Each workout is explain and demonstrated in video
  • ​Each workout can be done at home or traveling for business

SHRED|22 GYMBODY Challenge Workouts ($297 Value)

  • Instant Access to the Virtual Fitness Program 
  • ​I've been helping men look bigger WITHOUT STEROIDS for over 8 years. THIS WORKS! 
  • Learn what supplements you need for size and which ones are just marketing.
  • Each workout is explained and demonstrated in video
  • ​Workouts are designed for the Gym, but can be done at Hotel Gym or Home Garage.
  • ​Learn how to strategically eat for mass 


FREE BONUS #1: Carb-Friendly Restaurant Guide

  • Easy to follow step-by-step restaurant survival guide 
  • Simple great tasting food swaps that will keep you full, but saving you 10, 20, 30 pounds....or more!
  • ​Surprising secret drive thru hacks that will save you time and money
  • ​Includes my Happy Hour Hacks that show you how to drink without pouring on the liquid calories. 

FREE BONUS #2: Eat This! Carb Lovers Snack List

  • Learn all the great tasting snacks that stop those mid day and late night cravings 
  • Eat to stay full of energy and focus throughout your entire day
  • Over 100+ Carb Friendly Snacks that don't even require cooking. Yes, just snack and go. 70% of people sabotage their weight loss transformation due to eating the wrong snacks
  • ​This isn't your normal eat a bag of carrot sticks...snack list. I'm talking great tasting snacks that you can even find at a gas station. When you eliminate the wrong empty will see the change. 

FREE BONUS #3: "Carboholics" In App Support Community 

  •  Join TODAY and we'll give you FREE access to the secret In-App Support Group. The Support Group is FREE, other programs charge hundreds of dollars for support that just isn't anywhere near as comprehensive 


100% Money Back Guarantee

It will definitely take some dedication, but if you stick with it, I am so confident that you will see the results you are looking for - just like so many others before you - that I'm willing to let you try out the program for the full 30 days risk-FREE! If you aren't completely satisfied with how far you've come, contact me by email within 30 days and I will refund you 100%!

This 30-Day Keto Jumpstart program has helped Jumpstart program has helped hundreds lose weight and achieve not only their fitness goals, but their life goals as well...
Click Below To Be The Next Success Story!
A $718 Value, for Just $49.95!

One Time Charge of $49.95 - 22 Day Challenge Access!
No Hidden Fees. No Contract. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Real People. Real Results

"I learned how to quickly burn fat, but still retain muscle on this program"


I hate going to gyms. This program was super easy to follow at home


"Working with Dwayne eliminated all the what works vs won't work at all...guessing game."


Don't Just Take My Word For It!


Lives Saved*


LBS Gone

2, 875+

Lean Muscle Gained

You'll Never Need Another Fitness/Strength Program Again....

Yes, just for you, 100+ incredible home and/or gym workouts, all designed to target the YOUR problem areas. While including  our motivating community that pushes you through your training and keeps you accountable.

Stream Workouts on Your Favorite Devices


Your Program will Play on and iPhone or Android Device


Do the Program at your Own Pace and your Own Time

The Carb Lovers Jumpstart FAQ

 When I purchase The Carb Lovers Jumpstart, how will it be delivered to me?

The Carb Lovers Jumpstart Program is a digital application that can be downloaded directly to you iPhone or Android Device. When you purchase the program, you will be able to access the Carb Lovers content instantly. You will also be sent an email containing the access link to your Carb Lovers content. Once you click the access link, you will be able to download and view the content on any mobile device. You even have the option to view the program from you computer browser as well.

 Does the Carb Lovers Jumpstart have vegan options

Absolutely, we got you covered as well. We got choices and options. It's easy to follow out eating options, so you just choose which one suits you best. 

 Will I still be able to follow the fitness program, if I have previous injuries 

Yes, we actually verify if you have any previous injuries as this program is 100% customizable. You will be able to provide that information during our quick new client on-boarding success form.

 I’m worried that the SHRED | 22 exercises may be too intense for me. Should I still try it out?

The SHRED | 22 workouts are designed so that just about anybody can do them, regardless of their current fitness level. You are encouraged to perform them at whatever intensity level is best for you. Just do your best and make sure to track your progress each week! We’ve even had participants not exercise during the duration of the program, and they still saw amazing results!
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